• Substance abuse:  This is listed first becasue I have the most experience in this area, and I have found that substance abuse, or addiction to alcohol and/or drugs are prevalent, and affect everyone from homeless persons to those who are financially secure. In addition, it can affects family members, employment, and so many areas of life.  I do not hold a hard and fast line that everyone must follow a certain recovery path, or even stay completely abstinent. It has to depend on each individual, and their wants and needs.
  • Depression/Anxiety: Depression and anxiety do not always occur together, but they often do. I look at the conditions separately or together, depending upon the person; but the most important thing is to look at the person.  Underlying these often conditions (called mood disorders) can be outside circumstances, but sometimes everything can seem fine on the outside, but a person feels ‘off’ in some way on the inside. 
  • Youth & Adolescents:  Even older adolescents, or young people in their 20’s, do not yet have fully developed brains. Their thoughts and reactions are different, often more extreme, than mature adults, however, they need to be treated with respect understanding, and patience. Oftentimes having someone to listen to them without judgement can make all the difference.
  • Grief and loss:  Loss takes many forms. It is common, and human, to experience grief after the loss of a marriage, a job, or any number of circumstances.  And illness or death of a loved one can impact a person in many complex ways.
  • Family dynamics:
  • Coping with chronic illness
  • Life changes
  • Other mood and personality disorders

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