I hold the strong belief that everyone has the right to be heard with an open mind, regardless of background or circumstances. I see my role as someone to help you understand yourself, ideally to gain insight and healing. As a clinical social worker, my training has shown me that you, the client, will tell me what you need. Some people need support for a single issue, others need to sort out their past, yet others to plan for their future. We will often find that issues are connected, and strive to put the pieces together.

My background is varied.  I have experience in the field of substance abuse, working with adolescents and young people, and persons with chronic illnesses — both mental and physical. I worked in social services, in the health care field, helped run a group home for women, and for non-profit agencies.

Because of my experiences, I have a great deal of insight into human beings — the most fascinating subject there is. I believe it is important to understand emotions, how they effect behavior, how social situations contribute to any emotional difficulties, and that getting help is a sign of strength.



A sense of humor and adventure is important, too!